Some pinks and a konad!

This is my new love, American Apparel Rose Bowl!
2 coats and it was perfect!
It's a little more peach than pink on me.

I got my new Bundle Monster plates heeheehee. I actually ordered them a month ago.
But I accidentally sent them to my mom's house -.-;
Totes worth the wait though, see how much more of my nail they cover? 
I stamped with Nina Ultra Pro in Velveteen Rabbit. 
And this isn't the most beautiful pic ever I know, I just wanted you to see the stamp! Still figuring out my camera.

OPI Sparrow Me the Drama, 3 coats.
Don't get me wrong, this is a beautiful cloudy pink. Just not for me.
I gave it to my coworker who better use it!

Zoya Lexi! 2/3 coats (I forget)
I could not get a proper picture of this gorgeous color!
It's a pink-purple polish, but it also has little pink and blue bits of glitter in it.
Waaaay better in real life than this pic.

I figured I'd keep it short and sweet this time, the pictures are starting to overflow on my computer. I bought one of the new AA Neons on my last haul. It is my first yellow polish, I hear they're a pain in the butt so I'm crossing my fingers!

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