The closest I'm gonna get to mannequin hands.( Love & Beauty Mauve)

Hi guys! It's been very hectic up here, what with going to Six Flags one day, working the next, and going to see "Hangover 2" that same night. I feel like I can't catch up on sleep let alone paint my nails. But yesterday I had some free time so it's time to get to swatchin'!

I love the look of the new Zoyas, but I'm gonna get the spoons before I even think about buying a nude. I tend to hate the mere idea of the look on myself, so this is probably as nude as it gets for me. FOR NOW.

(w/flash) Love & Beauty is Forever 21's line, and for $2.80 this is pretty fabulous. I could've done 2 coats, but I wanted 3. The bottle has shimmer in it, but I can't really see it even in the sun. This is a nice subtle color, not all in yo' face! I think it would look more pink on you fair-skinned lasses.

(Natural light)
(I'm tempted to call it 'natty light' from now on like the beer.)
This Silly Putty color works on me. I've got the sinking feeling this will be chipped to hell tomorrow, I'm changing the mannequins in the store tonight so my mani usually doesn't survive the night.

On another note, I've been using Essie's First Base basecoat and Good to Go! topcoat. The topcoat fastdries your polish, and the polish lasts a wee bit longer for me so I'm a happy camper.

I had to make a nail drawer! We'll see how long it looks neat like this. I'm gonna try to swatch everything before I buy more, but once the Muppet collection drops that will go out of the window.

Have a good one ladies!

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