OPI Tutti Frutti Tonga

I did go shopping the day the PotC collection came out, but I only bought Sparrow Me The Drama. I'll swatch that when the fervor dies down!

Sadly, I effed up my nails BADLY the other night at work. A good 5 of my nails had the top layer lifted from the rest after all that manual labor *retches*

Not to be deterred, the other day I attempted to do my nails in Black Cherry Chutney. I didn't take a pic before work due to cleanup issues, and less than 10 minutes into my shift my nails were darn near disintegrating! So I'll maybe try out some marbling combos on here while I heal up. On to the polish!

 This is 2 coats of TFT. It's more sheer than it looks in the bottle, and the gold shimmer doesn't show up as much. But it's a pretty frosty pink and I hadn't worn a frost in a year or so.
I forgot that you had to take a little more care in application with a frost, so there were some streaks. But nothing I would spaz out about. This one will probably end up swapped with somebody or given away.

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