I'm a noob, bear with me.

To whoever may read this blog:

Hi, I'm Adrianna. Just a couple of things I want you guys to know right off the bat. 

I don't know lacquer lingo, but I'm getting there. I'll stick to layman's terms for now.

Sometime in the last year or so, I've gotten really interested in nail art and polish. 

I'm just learning the basics, so you'll see some screw-ups, some fugly cuticles and the like. 

I'll always give credit if another blog gives me an idea. I am a huge fan of several blogs, I won't pretend like all these things come from me alone.

I'm nowhere near receiving samples from different companies, but I will be honest about it if that ever comes to pass.

As you all know, a polish can look very different from one skin tone to another. I hope to add another color to the spectrum. 

Hope you guys enjoy.