OPI Java Mauve-A

I'm really into granny salmon colors like this.

Java Mauve-A is a darker version of American Apparel Rose Bowl.

Let me tell you, I went to put this on and literally said "no f-ing way"....
That automatically makes a polish a winner for me. 
It doesn't hurt that it's so pretty too!


My first Butter polish

I'm still holding on when it comes to the no-buy, I don't go near polish because the flesh is weak!

This is Butter Jaffa. I had pictures without the stamp, but they were even more blurry than these 2 and not so great.

2 coats stamped with Nina Ultra Pro Smoke-N-Mirrors.
It's a lot brighter in real life, looks more orange on me than I would have suspected.

Close-up of the stamp.

After 2 days at work there's only a little bit of tip wear. In all, I think it is a pretty polish, but it's not a forgiving formula for people with shaky hands like me! There were some bald spots from using too much pressure on the brush. I think I'll save my $14 until I see some unique color that I MUST HAVE.

My no-buy ends on August 1. I am dying to get my hands on Zoya Penny, Trixie, a matte topcoat, Nfu-Oh 61, and Gosh Holographic. Poor poor bank account...


Essie Fair Game

Hey guys! This will be a quickie, I've got to get up early to go see a play in the city!

Essie Fair Game, 2 coats and topcoat.
This is a cornflower blue polish with a little shimmer. 
A mellow manicure, it wasn't all bright and out there. 
But the flash makes it look way brighter than normal so here's a blurry pic.

Here's my pet peeve regarding nail polish. Why are some batches so freakin' different?! http://rachelsnails.blogspot.com/2011/06/essie-fair-game-and-da-bush.html
Rachel's bottle is much much more gray. WTF

Anyways, I'm still trying to get my cuticles back on track so I'm trying to steer clear of photographing my hands lol. And I've still got a month of no-buy so wish me luck!