A Gift from the Polish Gods!

I am not the kind of girl who takes huge risks in polish yet. If I think there's no way a color will look good on me, I usually pass it over.

Two days ago, I bought American Apparel Pinto on a whim, telling myself "This will probably look like crap on you. Just be prepared." My life has been changed!

This may be my favorite polish ever. 
It's exactly the color of Taco Bell's Pintos N' Cheese!
Which would make you think it would be an ugly nail color right?

2 coats, natural light. OPAQUE IN ONE COAT. Less glossy in real life, which I loved.
I lose it over nice creamy polishes.

It's like the color of old bricks and pueblo roofs! I may konad it tomorrow with Manila to keep up with the Pintos N' Cheese motif.

I just went on another massive polish bender for my birthday today, AND I got the new larger Bundle Monster plates. So I'm gonna stop buying polish and start using what I've got. I've got plenty to swatch and fiddle around with!

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