Gap "Ballet"

Disclaimer: Yeah, I work for the Gap as a lowly sales associate. I don't own stock or anything. I will speak about this polish honestly.

I was so excited to test our new nail polish out and this was kind of a let down. I love pretty ballerina pink colors, but whenever I buy them I find myself having issues with opacity and general streakiness. You could always do the white polish first, but I would much rather have a polish that works on its own. If anyone knows of this wonderpolish please let me know!

The gratuitous bottle pic. I've got child-sized hands so unless I'm holding a mini bottle I have trouble with my fingers getting all the way round. And believe me, this color was three coats and it does not look that nice up close.

What I can say it that Ballet has lasted for 2 days with minimal chipping on my fingertips. Working with clothing hard tags, a manicure usually doesn't last after a shift at work. It has potential, so maybe I'll stop being a lazy bum and apply a white polish first next time.

Next week, I think I'm sucking it up and buying a Deborah Lippman. Exciting!

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