American Apparel Hunter (with a dash of Konad)

This green is soooo nice! It's just like the forest green Crayola crayon. Application was smooth as usual, and I actually did a decent job with the stamp! Woot!

The stamp is harder to see in real life because the polish is so dark. It's the awesome leaf design, I'll definitely use it again with my light green polish. Maybe Hunter for the base and the light green for the veins?

I am still not ready to shell out six bucks for a "special konad polish" when Claire's and Wet 'n Wild's black does the job. (Plus WNW is 99 cents at the grocery store.) (Icing Chip Resistant Base/Top Coat, Claire's "Black Hole")

That bottle cap is covered with blue polish from a marbling escapade. I had polish all over my legs as well. But it looked great, which is the whole point!

While I do love this color, it's a bit darker in real life and I feel like it would look much nicer if I were formally dressed. Is that weird considering it's American Apparel?

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