Sookeh is MINE!

LOL I love it. And I've been saying it since Zoya Sooki came in the mail the other day!

Let me just say, in my humble opinion Zoya is lightyears ahead of all other nail brands when it comes to social networking. All of my Zoya polishes have been free thus far, besides shipping and handling. It'll sting if they ever slack up on their promos.

Everyone in the US: If you make a purchase before 6/6 using the code FS99 your shipping fee is waived! (One time use of course.)

This is a bit closer to the color of the polish. 
It's the color of blood *squirms*
1 coat would have been good for someone with a steady hand, but I used 2.

Sweet storage shed yo.
Sooki has a jellyish look to it, but it's opaque! 

Downside was tip wear. But I haven't met a polish/topcoat yet that could survive the Gap. I'm thinking of either konad-ing tonight or laying CG Ruby Pumps over it. Decisions decisions...

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